Break Free from the Diet Trap and FINALLY Achieve Lasting Results! 





losing weight requires you to eat less calories than you burn...

IN FACT, most women already know exactly what they need to do to reach (and maintain!) their ideal weight - but they’re not doing it.

The reality is that even with a perfect step-by-step eating plan, plenty of time to exercise, and tons of motivation - you’ll never hit your goal if you can’t move past your mental set point.



Getting to know yourself on a deeper level is like finding a hidden treasure that unlocks your weight loss success. By understanding your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around food, you can unravel triggers, emotional eating patterns, or self-sabotaging behaviors that are hindering your weight loss progress


Imagine having unshakable motivation that keeps you on track towards your weight loss goals. By overcoming mindset blocks, you tap into a wellspring of commitment and consistency. When you’re no longer swayed by obstacles or setbacks, you become unstoppable, moving forward with confidence and an unwavering spirit because you firmly believe in your ability to achieve long-term success.


Picture a balanced and joyful relationship with food, free from restrictions and guilt. By rewiring your mindset, you establish a healthier relationship with food. Instead of relying on restrictive diets or viewing certain foods as "good" or "bad," you can focus on nourishing your body with wholesome foods while allowing for flexibility and enjoyment. When your lifestyle is sustainable, it reduces the likelihood of falling into cycles of restriction and overindulgence.


Mindset blocks often stem from deep-rooted beliefs and thought patterns that can sabotage weight loss efforts. By addressing these blocks, you can rewire your thinking and create lasting behavior change.  This goes beyond short-term weight loss goals and promotes a lifestyle centered around health, self-care, and self-empowerment. By changing your mindset, you set yourself up for long-term success and weight maintenance. 



Making changes to your diet is an important step towards your weight loss goals. 


The fact is that while many women over the age of 40 have spent decades wanting to LOSE body fat, years of deeply engrained, self-sabotaging habits and behaviors are actually causing fat GAIN

On average, studies indicate that women may experience an increase of approximately 1-3% in body fat percentage per decade after the age of 30.

This means that if a woman starts with a body fat percentage of 25% at the age of 30, she may see an increase to around 28-34% by her 40s, 31-37% by her 50s, and so on. 

Here’s why that can be a massive problem: 

As we get older, it can be harder to change our mindset or break bad habits, because our brains have formed strong connections based on repeated thoughts and behaviors. 

These deeply ingrained thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors can hinder our ability to make lasting changes. 

The resistance to change and the comfort we find in familiar routines can keep us trapped in old patterns, making it challenging to adopt a new mindset that supports successful weight loss. 

Without addressing critical mindset blocks, it becomes difficult to break free from self-sabotaging behaviors and establish new (correct!) habits that lead to sustainable weight loss. 



(and how to overcome them to CRUSH your goals)



Many women over 40 question their ability to succeed, doubt if they deserve to reach their goals, or fear failure. These self-limiting beliefs can hold them back from fully committing to their weight loss efforts.



Another common mindset block is the tendency to think in extremes. Women over 40 often believe that they must be perfect with their diet and exercise or not bother at all. This all-or-nothing thinking can lead to feelings of guilt, frustration, and ultimately giving up when they fall short of their own unrealistic expectation.



Many women over 40 fear change, particularly when it comes to their lifestyle habits. They may be comfortable in their current routines and resist making the necessary changes to achieve their weight loss goals. This fear of the unknown and stepping out of their comfort zone can prevent them from embracing new approaches and strategies.



Women over 40 may have experienced previous weight loss attempts that didn't yield long-term results. These past failures can create a sense of skepticism and lack of confidence in their ability to succeed again. The fear of repeating past mistakes or regaining the weight can become a significant mental barrier to their progress. 


Each quick-fix leaves you with temporary results, but the feelings of defeat, self-doubt, and hopelessness can last a lifetime.


It’s utterly disheartening to follow strict meal plans and exercise routines, only to find yourself trapped in a cycle of temporary results and eventual weight regain.

But here's the thing: traditional weight loss programs often focus primarily on diet and exercise, overlooking the critical role of mindset in achieving long-term success. 

While these programs may provide guidelines for calorie intake, meal plans, and workout routines, they fail to acknowledge that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions profoundly impact our ability to achieve long-term success. 

It's not just about the food we eat or the exercises we do; it's about the deep-rooted psychological patterns that drive our behaviors, choices, and contribute to weight loss challenges. 

True transformation requires a shift in mindset.

Our mindset plays a vital role in shaping our behaviors, habits, and attitudes towards food, exercise, and self-image. 

Deep-rooted beliefs, negative self-talk, emotional eating, and self-sabotaging behaviors can all stem from underlying psychological patterns that MUST be addressed for permanent, sustainable weight loss.

By overlooking the significance of mindset, traditional weight loss programs fail to equip you with the necessary tools and strategies to overcome the mental barriers that impede progress.


They may provide short-term results, but without addressing mindset blocks, you are much more likely to revert to old habits and regain the weight you lost. 

When we integrate mindset work into our weight loss efforts, we open ourselves up to a whole new level of transformation.

Not only do I know how to lose weight the "right" way, but I also know how to MAINTAIN it. The maintenance mystery has been solved!

Sawanda S.



From Subconscious Sabotage To Sustainable Weight Loss

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from 20 YEARS of experience in the weight loss industry, working with countless women just like you, and I've poured it into Crush the Diet.



It's a transformative journey that dives deep into the mindset behind weight loss. 


  • you'll learn proven fat loss strategies and techniques

BUT more importantly,

  • you'll have a meticulous, step-by-step blueprint that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it.

The end result? You'll

  • Experience a complete shift in your approach to weight loss, breaking free from the shackles of restrictive diets and self-sabotaging habits. 

  • Develop a healthy relationship with food, cultivate a positive mindset, and create sustainable lifestyle changes that lead to long-lasting results at ANY age.

Miolani Decided to CRUSH THE DIET at 50!

"Before the workshop, I was broken...I felt like I was such a weak person because I couldn't get my eating and training under control. I now know that I am a VERY strong woman, I just didn't know how to direct my blows..."


goes beyond the surface-level advice and gets to the root of the problem.


Unlike other programs that focus solely on diets and exercise, "Crush the Diet" acknowledges that true transformation goes beyond simply counting calories or hitting the gym. By addressing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of weight loss, you get a well-rounded solution that empowers you to make sustainable changes. 

Through practical strategies and evidence-based techniques, we guide you to achieve your goals while embracing a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle.


Long-lasting change begins with a shift in your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes, and we are dedicated to helping you rewire your mindset for success. 

Crush the Diet prioritizes mindset work, helping you uncover and overcome the deep-rooted beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back. You'll be provided with powerful tools, techniques and strategies to rewire your mindset, break free from self-limiting beliefs and embrace a positive, empowering mindset. 

By rewiring your mindset, you gain the ability to overcome obstacles, stay motivated, and maintain a lifelong healthy relationship with food and your body. 

Our focus on mindset rewiring sets us apart, ensuring that you have the foundation for sustainable and transformative weight loss.


Crush the Diet goes beyond short-term fixes and temporary results fiets parading around as “lifestyles.” 

We focus on guiding you to create a sustainable lifestyle transformation. By incorporating realistic and practical strategies, we help you make gradual and lasting changes to your eating habits, physical activity, and overall well-being. CTD encourages self-compassion, flexibility, and finding joy in the process. We believe that by adopting a sustainable lifestyle, you can achieve not only your weight loss goals but also long-term health and happiness.



Crushing It from the Start

  • Unleash Your Potential: Unlock the secrets to a powerful and successful weight loss journey 
  • The Blueprint to Success: Learn how to set yourself up for lasting transformation


Weight Loss Revelations: Secrets You Won't Admit 

  • Discover the Truth: Unveiling the hidden factors that have been holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals
  • The Mindset Makeover: Rewire your thinking to create lasting change without the need for restrictive diets


Escaping the Dieting Dilemma: Breaking Free from Disordered Eating 

  • The Liberation Path: Embrace a healthy relationship with food and liberate yourself from the cycle of dieting and disordered eating
  • Empowerment Unveiled: Learn to recognize and overcome the patterns that keep you stuck in destructive eating habits


Debunking Dieting Lies: Rewrite Your Weight Loss Narrative 

  • The Truth Serum: Expose the myths and lies that have been sabotaging your progress and reclaim your power
  • Rewrite Your Story: Transform your mindset to become the protagonist of your weight loss journey


Mastering Consistency for Lasting Progress


  • The Monday Myth: Discover the keys to breaking the cycle of starting over every week and maintain momentum towards your goals
  • Small Steps, Big Impact: Uncover the power of incremental changes and how they lead to sustainable, long-term success

MODULE 7: Conquering Common Pitfalls: Unlocking the Belief to Body Framework 

  • The Belief Breakthrough: Unleash the transformative power of your beliefs to overcome obstacles and achieve your desired body
  • The Path to Empowerment: Sidestep common pitfalls and embrace your true potential with the proven EM2WL framework


Embracing the Journey: Nurturing Patience and Progress 

  • Progress in Patience: Learn how to stay motivated and focused while awaiting visible results on your transformational path
  • Thriving in Transition: Discover actionable strategies to navigate the ups and downs of your weight loss journey

Exclusive Bonuses:

BONUS #1 - Fit Shift: Optimize Your Workouts

3 Month Access to The Workout Vault ($50 value)

Bridge the Gap Between Mindset Mastery and Action with Targeted Workouts for Lasting Results

The resources you need to complement your mindset work with practical action. From strategically periodized workout plans to community support and live Q&A sessions, you'll have everything at your fingertips to ensure a comprehensive approach to your healing your metabolism and seeing the fat loss you deserve. 

In this bonus, you'll receive 3 months’ FREE access to:

  • The EM2WL Training App: Seamlessly track your progress, access workout plans, and stay connected with the EM2WL community.
  • Monthly Workout Plans: Tailored for both gym and home settings, with printable PDFs and convenient tracking within the app.
  • Monthly Phase Walkthrough Videos: Gain valuable insights and guidance on each phase of your fitness journey to optimize your results.
  • Home Workout Vault: Unlock a treasure trove of effective home workout routines to keep you engaged and motivated.
  • 6-Week Bodyweight Firm Up Plan: Sculpt and strengthen your body with a comprehensive bodyweight training program designed for maximum results.
  • Exclusive Facebook Group: Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and receive support and accountability from the EM2WL community.
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions: Get direct access to expert coaching and have your questions answered in real-time to overcome any hurdles along the way.

BONUS #2 - MIND SHIFT: Transcend the Diet Trap and Unleash Your Full Potential

Expert Interview Vault ($2000 value)

Discover How to Transform Your Body and Mind with Expert Insights and Strategies

Leslie Schilling, RD

Breaking Free from Diet Culture and Shedding Light on Eating Disorders

  • The Anti-Diet Movement: Debunking Diet Myths and Embracing Body Acceptance
  • Orthorexia, Binge Eating, and Emotional Eating: Insights and Strategies for Overcoming
  • Low Calories, Low Carbs, and Beyond: Unraveling the Truth About Popular Diets

Elaina Efird, RD

Metabolism Reset, Undereating, and Nourishing Your Body

  • Resetting Your Metabolism: Strategies for Optimal Health and Weight Management
  • Shedding Light on Undereating and Its Impact on Metabolism
  • Demystifying "Overweight" Anorexia: Understanding the Complexities
  • Nourishing Your Body: Building a Healthy Relationship with Food and Nutrition

Kellie Davis, Author and Ex-Physique Competitor

Achieving Your Dream Physique and Empowering Women

  • The Real Deal on Transforming Your Body: Training Tips and Strategies
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Navigating the Fitness Journey with Confidence
  • Embracing Strength and Confidence: Empowering Women in the Fitness World

Candace Smith, Ex-Physique Competitor

Ending the Diet Cycle Through Lifting and Self-Love

  • Building Strength and Confidence: Empowering Yourself Through Lifting
  • Letting Go of the Diet Mentality: Embracing Sustainable and Nourishing Choices
  • Self-Love and Compassion: Transforming Your Relationship with Food and Fitness 

Julia Kristina, Clinical Counsellor

Overcoming Self-Doubt and Embracing Body Positivity

  • Unleashing Your Inner Strength: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Embracing Your Body
  • Rewriting Your Story: Transforming Self-Limiting Beliefs for Lasting Confidence
  • Embracing Body Positivity: Nurturing a Mindset of Self-Love and Acceptance

Sydney Lester, Founder of Chic Stripes

Unlocking Your Style Confidence 

  • Dressing with Confidence: Style Secrets for Every Woman
  • Mastering Your Wardrobe: Building a Fashionable and Functional Closet
  • Style Hacks: Saving Time and Money While Elevating Your Look

Sara Drury, Self-Love Sherpa and Beauty Expert

Embracing True Beauty 

  • Unveiling Your Inner Beauty: Letting Go of Self-Defeating Stories
  • Cultivating Inner Radiance: Embracing Your Authentic Self
  • Beauty Beyond Appearance: Nurturing Self-Love and Empowerment

Tiffany Lee Bymaster, Celeb Stylist & Business Coach

Unlock Celebrity Style Secrets and Bust Body Myths

  • Style Tips for Every Woman: How to Dress for Your Body Shape
  • Embrace Your Journey: Owning Where You Are and Where You Want to Go
  • Chasing Big Goals at Any Age: Strategies for Pursuing Your Dreams

BONUS #3 - Habit Shift: 30-Day “Challenge” Calendars for Sustainable Transformation

Ignite your transformation with these 30-day habit challenges

  • Embrace Change without Feeling Overwhelmed: Effortlessly integrate new habits into your life, one day at a time. 
  • The Quickest Path to Achieving Your Goals: Follow the expert-designed 30-day challenge calendars tailored to specific habits like fiber, protein, weightlifting, self-love, and food freedom.
  • The Secret to Sustained Success: Unlock the power of the compound effect by taking small daily actions to establish key habits that support your weight loss journey and create lasting transformation.

"Down 6 pounds of fat and I did not lose any muscle...working the blueprint! "

BONUS #4 - Success Shift: The Ultimate Action Plan for Achieving Your Dreams

The Ultimate Action Blueprint for Achieving Your Goals ($100 Value)

Discover How to Turn Mindset Work into Tangible Results with This Comprehensive Guidebook.

  • The Secret to Creating Lasting Change: Learn the Proven Steps to Translate Deep Dive Mindset Work into Actionable Plans.
  • How to Transform Your Goals into Reality Without Overwhelm: Follow the Step-by-Step Workbook to Build Your Personalized 90-Day Blueprint.
  • The Single Most Powerful Tool for Progress: Utilize the Sample 90-Day Blueprint and DIY Template to Map Out Your Path to Success.
  • Master Your Transformation: Use the Sample "Decision Tree" to Create Your Own (Using Our Fill-in-the-Blank Template!) to Easily Troubleshoot Obstacles and Stay on Track.
  • Plug-and-Play System for Effective Planning and Execution - 100% PERSONALIZED To YOUR Lifestyle and Your Goals.
  • This is the EXACT Strategy I use with 1:1 Clients to map out the specific steps they need to take for their goals.

Imagine a world where weight loss is sustainable.

A world where...

...weight loss success is not about deprivation or self-sabotage, but about nourishing your body and embracing a positive mindset. have the tools and strategies to overcome the dieting trap and create a healthy relationship with food and your body.

...self-worth is not determined by the number on the scale, but by embracing self-love and body positivity. no longer feel trapped in a cycle of yo-yo dieting, but instead achieve true transformation and live your best life… right. NOW.



Today and get...

THE FULL Crush the Diet PROGRAM (A $297 VALUE)

You'll get access to:

A comprehensive curriculum that will guide you through the process of ditching the diet mindset and embracing a sustainable approach to weight loss.

  • Engaging video lessons that break down the psychological barriers holding you back from achieving your goals.
  • Practical exercises and worksheets designed to help you develop a positive and empowering mindset around food and body image.
  • Actionable strategies to overcome emotional eating, cravings, and self-sabotage.
  • CTD Exclusive resource library: Learn from the insights, breakthroughs, struggles, questions, and successes of other group members. Access 50+ hours of member-only masterclasses/group coaching call replays to consistently enhance your learning journey.
  • Lifetime access to updates. Stay up-to-date and continue expanding your knowledge with new masterclasses added throughout the year. Stay ahead of the curve and keep evolving on your transformational path. (6-12 new masterclasses added every year!)


BONUS 1: "Fit Shift" - 3 Month Access to The Workout Vault & Training App ($50 VALUE)

  • Monthly workout plans for the gym and home, ensuring you never hit a plateau and maximize your results.
  • Access to the EM2WL Training App for easy tracking and progress monitoring.
  • Phase walkthrough videos to optimize your workouts.
  • The 6 Week Bodyweight Firm Up Plan to enhance your fitness journey.
  • A supportive Facebook group and monthly LIVE Q&A sessions for additional guidance and motivation.

BONUS 2: "Mind Shift" - Expert Interview Vault (A $2000 VALUE)

(14) In-depth interviews with industry experts (dietitians, therapists, fitness models, stylists & more!) who will help you crush the diet mentality and live YOUR best life NOW:

  • Leslie Schilling, RD dishes on the Anti-Diet Movement and the truth about your relationship with food
  • Elaina Effird, RD: unveils the keys to a successful Metabolism Reset and overcoming undereating
  • Julia Kristina reveals the secrets to overcoming self-doubt and embracing body positivity.
  • Sydney Lester guides you on unlocking your style confidence.
  • And more! Gain wisdom from Tiffany Lee ByMaster, Kellie Hart, Sara Drury, Candace Smith, and Danny-J Johnson.

BONUS 3: "Habit Shift" - 30-Day Challenge Calendars (A $50 VALUE)

  • (6) 30-day "challenge" calendars focusing on specific habits like fiber, protein, weightlifting, self-love, food freedom, and more.
  • Take your transformation one habit at a time and establish healthy routines for long-term success.

BONUS 4: "Success Shift" - Building Your Blueprint for Success Guidebook ($100 VALUE)

  • A comprehensive workbook to turn your deep mindset work into actionable steps.
  • Learn the exact process used with 1:1 clients to create personalized 90-day action plans.
  • Includes guidebook, worksheets, sample blueprint, DIY template, and a decision tree to troubleshoot along the way.



Lifetime Access to CTD, 3 month's Access to the App + Workout Vault

  • Crush the Diet Core Course ($297 value)
  • Access to 50+ hours CTD Group Coaching Calls ($1497 value)
  • Build Your Blueprint Framework ($100 value)
  • (15+) Expert Interviews ($2000 value)
  • 3 months access Monthly Periodized Workout App ($50 value)
  • 3 months access to The Workout Vault Portal ($50 value)
  • (6) 30-Day Habit Challenge Calendars ($50 value)
  • 3 month's access to Private Facebook Community

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CRUSH THE DIET: DIY (Payment plan)

Lifetime Access to CTD, 3 month's Access to the App + Workout Vault

  • Crush the Diet Core Course ($297 value)
  • Access to 50+ hours CTD Group Coaching Calls ($1497 value)
  • Build Your Blueprint Framework ($100 value)
  • (15+) Expert Interviews ($2000 value)
  • 3 months access Monthly Periodized Workout App ($50 value)
  • 3 months access to The Workout Vault Portal ($50 value)
  • (6) 30-Day Habit Challenge Calendars ($50 value)
  • 3 month's access to Private Facebook Community

$97 $77

(3 monthly payments)

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This program is for you if: 

  • You're a woman over 40 who is tired of restrictive diets that don't work and are ready to adopt a sustainable approach to weight loss.
  • You want to transform your mindset and overcome the diet mentality that has held you back from achieving your weight loss goals.
  • You're looking for a comprehensive approach that addresses both the mental and physical aspects of weight loss.
  • You're open to embracing self-love and body positivity as essential components of your weight loss journey.
  • You're ready to break free from the cycle of yo-yo dieting and create lasting changes in your lifestyle and habits.
  • You're seeking a supportive community of like-minded women who are also on a journey towards sustainable weight loss..

This program is NOT for you if: 

  • You're looking for a quick fix or a magic solution that promises overnight weight loss.
  • You're not open to exploring and challenging your current mindset and beliefs around weight loss.
  • You're not willing to put in the effort to make sustainable changes in your lifestyle and habits.
  • You're solely focused on achieving a specific number on the scale, rather than prioritizing overall well-being and self-care.
  • You're not ready to let go of restrictive diets and embrace a more balanced and intuitive approach to eating.
  • You're not coachable, or interested in being part of a supportive community and benefiting from the collective wisdom and encouragement of others on a similar journey.

This program is designed specifically for women over 40 who are ready to transform their weight loss journey by shifting their mindset, embracing self-love, and adopting sustainable habits.

By recognizing and working through mindset blocks, you unlock the potential for profound transformation in your weight loss journey. It allows you to address the root causes of your challenges, create sustainable habits that support your overall well-being, AND look amazing while doing it.


If this resonates with you, then this program is the perfect fit for you, and I’d love to welcome you in!


Questions people asked before saying “Yeah, baby!!” to CTD

I've tried numerous weight loss programs in the past and haven't been successful. How is this program different?

It's understandable to feel discouraged by past diet experiences that may have left you feeling as if all weight loss programs are ineffective. However, it's important to remember that not all programs are created equal. Unlike traditional diet programs, our focus is on mindset, sustainable lifestyle changes, and habit shifts rather than strict rules, restrictions and quick fixes.

By shifting your mindset and addressing the underlying factors that have contributed to your past weight loss struggles, you can apply proven strategies to break free from the cycle of unsuccessful attempts and discover a new path to long-term weight loss success.  

I have certain health conditions and dietary restrictions. Can I still participate in the program?

This program is less about having to eat a certain way, and more about finding out how to make the way that YOU eat work for you instead of against you. Our program is designed to be inclusive and adaptable to individual needs.

As you make your way through the modules, coaching call and guest speaker replays, you'll find the resources and guidance to help you navigate your specific circumstances and make necessary modifications to the program that align with your health requirements.

Will I receive individualized support throughout the program?

Personalization is a vital aspect of CTD, and we have implemented various methods to ensure you receive the attention you deserve. While we don't provide one-on-one coaching in the traditional sense, we offer regular group coaching sessions where you can connect with our expert coaches and receive tailored guidance. Our community of like-minded individuals also serves as a valuable support network where you can share your experiences and receive encouragement. Rest assured, you won't be alone on this journey.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program each week?

We understand that everyone has busy lives and limited time availability. Our program is designed to be flexible and accommodating to your schedule. While consistency is important for optimal results, we provide resources and strategies to help you integrate the program seamlessly into your daily routine. You'll find that even dedicating a reasonable amount of time each week can yield significant progress. We believe in making weight loss achievable without overwhelming your schedule.  

Is there a specific diet or exercise plan included in the program?

Contrary to popular belief, our program doesn't revolve around rigid diet rules or extreme exercise regimens. We believe in empowering you to find a balanced and sustainable approach that works for your unique circumstances. Our program focuses on mindset shifts, developing a healthy relationship with food, and adopting enjoyable forms of physical activity. It's about understanding your body's needs, making informed choices, and creating a lifestyle that supports your long-term success. You'll discover that flexibility and self-discovery are key factors in achieving lasting results.  

What if I struggle with motivation or have setbacks along the way?

It's completely normal to experience fluctuations in motivation and encounter setbacks during any transformative journey. However, we firmly believe that setbacks are not indicators of failure but opportunities for growth. Our program equips you with effective strategies to overcome obstacles, reignite motivation, and stay focused on your goals. We provide ongoing support, accountability, and mindset tools to help you navigate any challenges that may arise. By adopting a resilient mindset and leveraging our proven techniques, you'll be equipped to overcome setbacks and achieve sustainable success.


How long will it take to see results?

We understand the desire for quick results, but it's important to approach weight loss with a long-term perspective. Our program focuses on sustainable changes that yield lasting results rather than promoting short-term fixes. The timeline for seeing results can vary depending on various factors, including individual circumstances and commitment to the program. We encourage you to embrace the journey and trust in the process. By prioritizing mindset shifts, implementing healthy habits, and consistently applying the principles we teach, you'll experience meaningful and sustainable progress. Remember, true transformation takes time, but the results are well worth the effort.  

I’ve been at a plateau for years, fluctuating up and down the same few pounds and I wanna break through to my next milestone, will CTD help me do that?

The good news is a plateau doesn’t mean that you can’t break through to the next milestone, but rather that you have used all your current strategies and need additional support to get to the next level. So, I guess the question isn’t if it’s right for you, but if you’re willing to try new tactics and mentorship to get you there?  

Experience the Power of CRUSH THE DIET: Unleashing Your Weight Loss Potential

Module 1: The Foundation for Lasting Change

Module 2: Rewriting Your Relationship with Food

Module 3: Shifting Your Fitness Paradigm

Module 4: Cultivating Self-Love and Body Positivity

Module 5: Mastering Mindset and Emotional Resilience

Module 6: Sustaining Long-Term Success

Module 7: Sustainable Lifestyle Habits 

PLUS Bonuses:

  • Fit Shift: The Ultimate Workout Vault and Training App
  • Mind Shift: Expert Interview Vault for Crushing the Diet Mentality
  • Habit Shift: 30-Day Challenge Calendars for Sustainable Transformation
  • Success Shift: Building Your Blueprint for Lasting Results Guidebook

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